Design isn't just about making things beautiful. It's about making them function while also being easy to read, understand and look good.

That's what Information Design is: combining form and function. 

I love working on website designs, infographics, editorial spreads, brand development and marketing projects. 

About Me

You need a team player that thrives in a fast-paced environment and isn't afraid to step up when needed. You have a lot of projects on the go and you need someone that brings a well-rounded and generalist view to the task at hand.  

Design, marketing, and photography are my passion. I graduated from Mount Royal University with a Bachelor of Communication in Information Design in 2014. Throughout my career I have worked with teams to develop and execute marketing, editorial and communication projects. Although design is my passion, I enjoy working on every aspect of marketing as it helps keep things fresh and exciting. 

When I'm not at work, my other passions include:

Photography is my other passion. I love practicing my skills and exploring the city at the same time.

After years of failing at nearly every sport, I found running and never looked back. I've trained for a 10K and half-marathon and I'm currently training for another 10K.

I love food whether that's cooking it or eating it. You can often find me trying new recipes and checking out the amazing restaurants in Calgary. 

Travelling is another passion. There's just something so exciting about exploring new places. I'm currently planning a trip to Europe in October.